Name of the Game A.S.H

1st The Preakness Stakes G1



CWY In The Name Of Fun x SemiCircle (ei. Spanglish)
rautias ori, sks 168cm
CAS IV, Agave Sport Horses (10v, 11v. 22.2.)
omistaja Carter Thoroughbreds
20, 4-4-2-5 vs. 1 091 300v€, 85 000v$
75/20%, G1, stayer



00.00.2000 CAS - . CTB / e.


4th. SME, 2400m Maiden on dirt, 4 000ve
2nd. SME, 2200m Maiden on turf, 10 800ve
5th. Stormsky Stable, 2400m Maiden on dirt, 2 000ve
3rd. Sasnak TBs, 11f Allowance on turf, 7 500ve

4th. Minnantila, 12f Maiden on dirt, 6 000ve
3rd. Bountifull Shade, 13f G2 on dirt, 40 000ve
1st. Minnantila, 12f G2 on dirt, 150 000ve
2nd. Bountifull Shaden 13f G2 on dirt, 60 000ve
4th. Sasnak TBs, 12f G2 BC Turf Prep, 16 000ve
5th. Nerith, 11f G1 BC Prep on dirt, 12 000ve
1st. ASH, 11f G1 TC Prep on dirt, 280 000ve
8th. Peikkis, 10f G1 The Kentucky Derby (TC 1) on dirt
1st. Peikkis, 9,5f G1 The Preakness Stakes (TC 2) on dirt, 450 000ve
5th. Peikkis, 12f G1 The Belmont Stakes (TC 3) on dirt, 30 000ve
6th. Tartsi, 12f G1 Breeder's Cup Turf

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Coolmore - The real horse in the pictures is Peintre Celebre.